Friday, December 31

secret santa

secret santa was last night, here's a couple of snaps of the polaroid camera i got emma and fred attempting to bite the 6-pound burger.

emma polaroid

fred burger

(thanks matt)

Thursday, December 30

ipod poster

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i aquired an ipod poster today. i won't say how, but i'll just say you can't buy these.

new muzak

picked up some new tracks today, two dvds and a cd. the dvds were dj shadow - in tune and on time, which is standout-awesome, and underworld - everything everything, which is also standout-awesome. the underworld dvd has some interesting features like you can choose to watch either live concert footage, or tomato video-art, "program your own concert" which might just be a track order thing, haven't tried, and a "keyboard-driven vision mixer" but i can't find that. windows-only perhaps.

the cd was ian brown - under the influence, a cd of stuff that's influenced him. i've been getting into his stuff recently, i really like it, and the music he likes is pretty cool too.

on the download side, hank handy has mixed 40+ beatles tracks into one song. it's impressive. james suggested valerie by steve winwood, which has the original sample from "call on me" by eric prydz. it's also an awesome song. sia - breathe me (four tet remix) is cool, as is the original. i've been lovin the nightmares on wax too. ipod has about 13gb left, may have to upgrade soon. toshiba's making 80gb 1.8" hdd's now, and while this time they didn't say "and apple's buying them!," they did say they were selling them. we all know what that means.

worst street ever

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Tuesday, December 28

hey ladies!

i picked up my glasses today. being able to see stuff is fucking amazing, it's like the entire world is one of chuck close's early photorealistic paintings. what annoyed me most about being short-sighted was if i saw a person from a distance, like across a wide street, i couldn't tell whether i knew them or not. so sometimes i'd be thinking that i recognize a person, but i was never sure so i wouldn't wave. also, i couldn't check out girls because i couldn't tell whether they were good looking or not until i got quite close. so now i've got glasses, i'll be lookin at all the girls, and the girls will be lookin at me, cos i look great in specs.

now i rock a house party at the drop of a hat

matt's 21st was last night, and el vino did flow. we were a bit worried about the weather but it turned out fine, a very nice warm night. the film was well received and matt loved it, so that was great. cameras were going around all night, and whenever i was using a camera and the memory card filled up, i dumped it on my mac, so a lot of james' and matt's photos are with me. i'll try and amalgamate all the photos taken on the night, then burn them and distribute.

i'm still drunk. i only stopped drinking about 6 hours ago. it's 12.30. here's some photos!


matt giving the rebuttal







i hope we're not wasting, people.


cheeky bastard!


everyone lookin sharp


alaina's gonna kill me!


a particularly spirited round of rps. i think harry won on points, but campbell's thrusting got FULL MARKS.


note to self: do not pass out around all my arsehole friends.


i went looking for cards but only found goggles. what's going on under here?


hey ladies!


it took us about an hour to get to the globe, which is normally 5 min's walk away. and we had a car.

awesome party!

Monday, December 27

brush with death

so, how was your christmas? mine was pretty exciting. i got hit by a car. i'm not kidding! i was leaving my house on my bike at about 8pm, and there was a van parked outside my driveway, blocking my view to the road, so i didn't see a car coming, and rode straight out in front of it. i had my ipod on so i didn't hear him either. i almost tried to brake, but it was too late to stop so i kept going across the road, and the car's roo bar hit my back axle. the driver braked and skidded so he slowed down a bit, but i still got thrown a few meters. it all seemed to be going very slowly, i was relieved that i hadn't been hit straight on even before i hit the ground. yeah, mid air, i figured i was ok. i got up straight away and apologized to the guy for causing the accident, i think he was more shaken up than i was. anyway, my knee was a bit sore, but it's fine now.

in a way, i'm very lucky that i didn't die, but in another way, i'm unlucky that i got hit at all. i don't believe in luck or fate so it doesn't really matter much either way.

haven't looked at my bike properly yet, but my dink peg was quite bent so i figure the axle must have some damage. i think the wheel's ok too. and my ipod's fine.

Saturday, December 25

merry christmas

merry christmas
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i completely ran out of time this year to do christmas cards, so to everyone i meant to give one to, merry christmas. here's an image i made instead.

Wednesday, December 22



these guys in the city were playing speed chess, i was in a rush so i didn't have time to read what they had written on those boards so i'm not sure whether they were busking. i was just impressed with the size of the croud watching them.

Tuesday, December 21

lotsa new muzak

i accquired a lot of new music today, some bought and some borrowed. i went to urban groove records in leederville, and got "like water for chocolate" by common, who i've been trying to get some stuff from for ages. i previously only had "the light" and "6th sense", which are both stand-out fantastic songs, and both on this album. i highly recommend it.

another album i bought was quannum spectrum by the artists on the quannum label like latyrx, blackalicious, quannum mc's, lyrics born and dj shadow. i already had a few songs but there were quite a few artists i've never heard of. so i'll listen to that and give it a review in a few days.

i have my ipod back now, i had to delete all the music on it earlier to make room for the monstrosity that is the film i'm making for matt's 21st. i managed to trim a lot of the footage down, and back up some to dvd, so i just squeezed it onto my hard drive today. at one stage as i was editing, i got down to 150mb free space. thank god i still had room on my ipod, because i couldn't burn anything to cd or dvd, as you need as much free space on your boot disk as there is space on the media in order to write to it.

anyway, alaina gave me a whole load of music as well, and it is:

the beta band - the three ep's
the rebirth of cool 4
moloko - do you like my tight sweater?
miles davis - birth of the cool
charles mingus - mingus at the bohemia
and a compilation cd.

so much for having any free space.

Monday, December 20

so very, very sad

from OfficialWire:

A Cornell University news release on the report states:

"About 27 percent of respondents said that all Muslim Americans should be required to register their location with the federal government, and 26 percent said they think that mosques should be closely monitored by U.S. law enforcement agencies…About 22 percent said the federal government should profile citizens as potential threats based on the fact that they are Muslim or have Middle Eastern heritage. In all, about 44 percent said they believe that some curtailment of civil liberties is necessary for Muslim Americans."

what can you say? is there any hope at all?

link to search google news for the story,
link to official report,
link to entire study pdf.

merry christmas.

list of things

things i am sick of:

carols. i hate carols. mum has a cd of elvis christmas songs, i hate it. especially the carols they play over the radio at work.

people asking me, "how's your christmas shopping going?". that is NOT an interesting conversation topic. plus, i'm not doing any, not in terms of physical shops or anything.

"christmas specials" for anything on TV. usually american, cliched and crap.

shops telling me what a great idea an ipod would be for a last-minute gift. if you're buying someone an ipod, it's not on a fucking whim.

articles going on about how great the ipod is. hello, everyone knows that. it's like writing an article on how great sliced bread is. there's no new material. unless it has a cool photo.

the usual end of year crap, taking time to reflect on things, i mean, how many of you can even remember what your last new year's resolution was? i think mine was not to change. at that point in my life, i thought "this is the best it's going to get".

things i am not sick of:

people asking me what i want for christmas. i will never be sick of that. i've got a list!

christmas food. although, yesterday i was sick of christmas food, only temporarily.

getting people presents. i love getting people presents!

people talking about festivus. it's coming up soon!

calvin with ADD

this is really sad, i'd never thought of treatment like this.

(via waxy links)

Sunday, December 19

fred is also retarded

i bet he has broken something really important. i asked him about it in a smessage, and he didn't reply. i know what that means.

fred breaking

fred is a dork

fly threads, fred.

(thanks, james)

and the fattest cunt is...

james. a narrow victory, seven plates to matt's, briony's and my six. campbell bowed out early with stomach problems after he ate an entire chili and almost died, but the reason he lost the competition was all the milk he drank to ease the burn. emma made a good effort, but wasn't allowed dessert first so quickly filled up. harry reached five and a quarter plates.


fat cuntipilation

here's the compilation i've prepared for today's nigella christmas themed fc challenge.

01. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
02. Rye or the Kaiser - Weird Al
03. Food, Glorious Food - Oliver Twist
04. Memphis Soul Stew - King Curtis
05. Fat - Weird Al
06. Supermodel Meat Sports (taken from a short video)
07. Eat It - Weird Al
08. The Fast Food Song - Fast Food Rockers
09. The Gravy Train - Ian Brown
10. Raspberry Beret - Prince
11. Breakfast in America - Supertramp
12. Build Me Up Buttercup - Temptations
13. Cream - Prince
14. Meat Shake - Ugly Duckling
15. Chocolate - Kylie
16. Sandwiches - Detroit Grand Pubahs
17. Shake Your [WHOLE] Rump - Beastie Boys
18. Sick - Sneaker Pimps


Saturday, December 18

flickr sucks!

Friday, December 17

Flight Tonight - The Avalanches

an appropriate song. booked some well cheap flights today. per-mel, $129, mel-syd, $59, syd-per $149. richard branson is the best! i'll be gone from feb 8th and get back on the 26th. then uni starts on the 28th, i think.

Wednesday, December 15



i didn't buy the paper, i like the mystery.

disregard for traffic law

i saw this on cool hunting a while ago, but couldn't download the video. i just re-discovered it, and it's fucking amazing. cycle couriers in new york have a race through the city, and some of the shit they pull off is insane. the video is from one of the cyclists who had a camera strapped to his helmet. to the soundtrack of "welcome to the jungle" by guns and roses. awesome.

link to Lucas Brunelle's website, and
link to the video. about 50mb.

Tuesday, December 14

let's build crazy shit

what do you build, after you've got the world's first (and only) 7-star hotel, two island complexes shaped like palm trees (to maximise the area of beach) and a group of islands shaped like a map of the world? the world's tallest building, of course. the burj dubai tower will be 800m, or just short of half a mile long. i don't want to walk half a mile along the ground, let alone go that distance up a fucking tower. good thing it's got double-storey elevators, but can you imagine if there was a fire, and you were on the top floor? it'd take you half an hour to get out, that's if you didn't collapse along the way. and man, would your ears be popping as you went up.

for comparison, the tallest floored tower is the taipei tower, at 508m tall. the tallest structure is the CN tower in toronto, at 553m. this thing's gonna be fucking huge. and i bet they'll coat it all in gold leaf, as well.

podplus project 5

did quite a bit of work today and last night, lengthened a few wires to allow me to re-arrange the parts, as well as some drilling.


this is now how i'm going to arrange things, the power supply is now on the bottom which is much better than where it was before, supported by one of the other pcbs, on an angle, not firmly attached to anything. i used a longer ribbon cable so it'll reach to there. the pcb dangling down at the front is the control, with the volume knob and graphic equalizer.


i drew up and drilled a template on a bit of board that i bought for the front panel,


then drilled the holes for the speakers on the side of the mac.

IMG_4067 IMG_4069

fixed the speakers on the inside.

the screws for the speakers are held on on the inside by these:


all i have to do now is make the front panel (with holes for volume knob, power button and graphic equalizer), connect up all the internal wires, stick the plugs and ports on the back, connect up the power switch and plug that came with the plus, and it's finished! might be able to finish it tomorrow!

Sunday, December 12

new style

new style
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it's the new style, and it's catching on really fast.

john howard: annulled.

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Inflected forms: an·nulled, an·nul·ling, an·nuls
1. To make or declare void or invalid, as a marriage or a law; nullify. 2. To obliterate the effect or existence of: “The significance of the past . . . is annulled in idle gusts of electronic massacre” (Alexander Cockburn).

the title originally said "a man in full". it's from this week's australian magazine.

jeans on arms

click on the images to view the full-size animation.

let's wear a pair of jeans like a jacket!


iPants. 2 arms in your pants.


matt's intelligent comment ||

if i went to the third dimension, i mean the fourth dimension, i would say "HEEEEEY how ya goin'?"

Saturday, December 11

pipe speakers

they apparently have very good sound, as well as looking awesome. this model costs a pretty penny, but there are also more affordable versions.

which reminds me, must get back to the podplus project. i've had a couple of both internal and superficial ideas. i'll post an update soon.

(via cool hunting)


it's so hard to get it in the tiny hole of a bottle when you're drunk! (which is when you're usually using a bottle)

plus this makes for very easy disposal.

the ashhole

(via cool hunting)

the punctuation game

i only got 83%! i'm so ashamed.

yeah, i own the book.

(via web zen)

Friday, December 10

dunk mug

cool idea... comes in left- and right-handed styles

liz has left

IMG_3981 small
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liz left for sydney tonight. then it's on to new york and all around europe, gone for two months!

Thursday, December 9

whistler's delight

dj riko mixes 22 whistling tracks in this whistling extravaganza, i can recognize a few of them, but if you can name the most you win a prize. it's a cool mix as well, free to download.

tougher copyright laws for australia

the age is reporting that as of last night, parliament has passed new copyright laws as a result of the FTA with america. they enable people other than copyright holders to force isp's to take down material allegedly infringing copyright. i'm not entirely sure what that means: if you simply alledge that the material on someone's website infringes your copyright, you can force an isp to take it down? without any proof? that strikes me as very unfair.

the changes to the law also extend the term of copyright 20 years, to 70.


searching for water

searching for water

this guy was divining at the train station. he found a fire hydrant. i think he was kidding.