Tuesday, December 14

let's build crazy shit

what do you build, after you've got the world's first (and only) 7-star hotel, two island complexes shaped like palm trees (to maximise the area of beach) and a group of islands shaped like a map of the world? the world's tallest building, of course. the burj dubai tower will be 800m, or just short of half a mile long. i don't want to walk half a mile along the ground, let alone go that distance up a fucking tower. good thing it's got double-storey elevators, but can you imagine if there was a fire, and you were on the top floor? it'd take you half an hour to get out, that's if you didn't collapse along the way. and man, would your ears be popping as you went up.

for comparison, the tallest floored tower is the taipei tower, at 508m tall. the tallest structure is the CN tower in toronto, at 553m. this thing's gonna be fucking huge. and i bet they'll coat it all in gold leaf, as well.


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