Monday, January 31


new powerbooks are out. pretty crap update, if you ask me. speeds are barely increased. no g5's, not even dual-core g4's, just 1.5 and 1.67ghz g4's. the only really cool thing is the sudden motion sensor that stops your hard drive if you drop it, but these have been in thinkpads for a while now. at least mine doesn't look old yet!

Sunday, January 30

australia day

Picture 0033
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james and i took his inflatable boat out onto the swan on australia day to watch the fireworks, it was really awesome. i didn't think that there were any photos of the event because i forgot to take my camera and matt didn't take his down to the foreshore, and no-one else had one either, but i just found out that alex snapped this pic with his cameraphone. the black blotch on the water is me and james. looks pretty cool. i really hope a better quality picture of us turns up on flickr or something.

Friday, January 28

the thought project

thought project

Simon Høegsberg has recorded the faces of a whole load of people in copenhagen and new york city, and what they were thinking at the time. their answers are surprisingly honest.

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Thursday, January 27

tetris-mania has this cool plug'n'play tetris game built into the controller, and it's got the best controller ever.

you just plug it into your tv, and you're rockin the squares.

the latest slashdot poll is about which game you dream about the most, and the comments talk about tetris. i remember when we went to rotto, i brought my gameboy, which we all played incessantly, until all everyone could see was tetris blocks. and we were in such a tiny, cramped cabin, it was well hard to make lines! all those blocks everywhere.

IMG_510 IMG_554

best garfield ever

the best garfield comics ever. viva la remix!

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not me

i only have one to look cool
and for blogging

it's an advertisment booklet done by matt groening for apple around 1989, targeted at college students
it's pretty cool, and interesting to imagine a time you'd be at college/uni and not have a computer, at least in your family if not one of your own.


i just typed "coincidence" into google to check the spelling, and the first result was hilarious! some people will believe anything. the other first few results were quite interesting as well.

really? me too


what a coincidence

Sunday, January 23



Saturday, January 22

men are smarter than women

science proves it. just look at the diagram!

for all the women out there who don't know, grey matter is the part of the brain that does the actual thinking. the white matter is just filler.

Friday, January 21


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more like TEH SUXX0R

werd to that.

werd to that.

suicide polo

weird. (2.5mb .mov)

mortor link fixed

here's a link that works, unlike this.

Thursday, January 20

coke shipment fucks up

coke shipment fucks up

bring your straw, it's a rail not a bump

rice and peas

i've recently noticed references to rice and peas in several hiphop songs:

4000 miles by blackalicious

"instrumentals blendin' like cinnamon, rice and peas"

hey mama by black eyed peas

"finga' lickin' like rice and peas and chicken stuffing"

no roots by faithless

"i'll fill you up like rice and peas"

is there some kind of afro-american cultural significance, or are they just delish?

"rapper's delight" mentions peas, but not rice

"the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed, and the chicken tastes like wood"

Wednesday, January 19

one does not simply walk into mortor

Monday, January 17


i watched spirited away last night, and had a weird dream which i think was affected by it. first i started watching the film, got half way though and had a nap (not because i was bored, it's a great movie, i was just very tired), then woke up an hour and a half later and watched the second half. i had a dream that i took a bullet train to an apple store, and each time i looked in my wallet, i had more money. first i had about $100 that i didn't know was in there, then it just went higher and higher, each time there was some kind of explanation, like i realised that i had the 20s and 50s confused when i was counting it, or found a couple of 100s in what i thought was a stack of 5s. when i got to the store, all i wanted was a keyboard. "for the ergonomics", i told the salespeople, because the top of your monitor should be at eye-height, but on a laptop this makes the keyboard too high and uncomfortable. which is true. the salespeople kept trying to take my money, like when i was counting it, they offered to hold it for me to help me count. but they were trying to steal it. i didn't really mind, because i had no use for all that money, except for a keyboard, but i didn't want them taking it because i thought they were just being greedy.

when i woke up, i thought about the no-face with all the gold, and the girl refusing it, saying she had no use for it. and also all the bath employees begging the no-face for money.

i only mention this because i very rarely have dreams, and for most of my life have never dreamt, or at least by the time i woke up, had completely forgotten about it. but one part was very strange, during my dream, i actually thought i might be dreaming. this happened to me once before, and i woke up almost before i realised that i thought it could be a dream. i theorised that perhaps if you realise you are dreaming, then you cannot dream any longer. like neo could not be placed back into the matrix after he had taken the red pill. last night, however, during my dream, i thought that i could be dreaming, and remembered my theory, and decided that i could not be dreaming, because if i were, i would have woken up. obviously my theory was very, very wrong.

campbell and fred and i were thinking about this recently. how if you could convincingly believe that your dream was in fact real life, and never know any different, you could live in a fantasy world. this subject has been explored in films such as waking life, and vanilla sky. both of which i loved. i think there's also something in the art of looking sideways about it.

james reveals his source

a while ago (19th october to be exact), i sent james an email asking him where he found out about all the sexy video clips he seems to know about:

you often seem to find the best (read: sexiest) music video clips. do you just have a knack, or do you have a method?

he never replied. now he reveals his source. the ministry of sound article says that the annual 2005 limited edition has a video dvd with all the sexiest clips.

Sunday, January 16

street porn

cum in the streets is a site of photos of pornographic poster art put up in some kind of large city, possibly london or somewhere else in europa. pretty cool!

Saturday, January 15

bad albums

no-one will be copying these, however

album knock-offs

this site is dedicated to album covers that are either knock-offs or a reference to the original, out of respect. some of them are really cool, like:


i love gizmodo. the stories are always cool, but the best thing about it is the writing style:

Machrone tells us about how he's been using his Cold Head soldering iron to weld together Fender Blues Junior amps. I give him an 'E' for 'awEsome.'

below a pic of a hello kitty-customised ferrari:

This has got to be photoshopped, but if it's not, I want to meet the person who commissioned it. Sassy kawaii capitalism kitty crossed with trombone-engined super-phallus makes my head asplode [sic].

Verizon's position in this matter is, in a word, douchey,

Meanwhile, Kotaku has found a video of some Japanese teens beating the tar out of a perfectly good PSP for an unknown reason. This is known as a 'dekumuva' in Japanese, from the English 'total dick move, dude.'

i would love to see the australian written like this.

Friday, January 14

the ipods are everywhere!

really weird video featuring ipods. very strange.

Wednesday, January 12

poor taste

heard these from a guy at work. please excuse my shockingly poor taste.

have you heard the results of the margret river surf competition?

it was won by an indonesian on a wardrobe.

this christmas, santa didn't have time to go to indonesia, so he just flew past on his sleigh and gave them a big wave.

as part of the relief effort, the australian army dropped a shipment of Omo on Phuket. there were bodies washing up everywhere!

ah fuck yas!
thanks, i'll be here all week!

mario sheet music

the blindfolded pianist has written up the score to super mario bros 3 and posted it online, if you haven't seen his work before, take a look. (7.6MB WMV link)

i love the annotation of how you're meant to play the piece (i forget what this is called), the underworld theme should be played Mysterioso.

cultural differences

in the US shuffle site, it tells you not to eat your ipod shuffle, even though it's about the same size as a pack of gum. (who puts a whole pack of gum in their mouth, anyway?) but in the UK shuffle site, it tells you not to chew the shuffle. it's good that they think about these kinds of cultural sensibilities. interestingly, on the australian and german sites, they don't tell you not to eat or chew anything. mobloggers

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these are the guys from apple-x moblogging mwsf. how cool are they! actually they're not really moblogging, they're moposting to their irc channel, which was too full for me to get onto. love the ray bans.


not for anal insertion, either

on the ipod shuffle website, they compare the shuffle to a couple of packs of gum.

what does that (2) mean? let's find out, at the bottom of the page.

do not eat

hmm. sage advice.

australian apple store?

appletalk speaks of a retailer-only apple event scheduled to take place at 3.30pm, 12th jan (12 hours from now). why would apple keep the public out? can't be announcing an australian itunes store, must be an australian apple store. if it's true, you can guarantee it's in sydney and maybe melbourne as well. hopefully it'll be open by the time i get there in about a month. twould be awse!

mac mini

mac mini
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here's a better photo, off the apple website, but that's down atm. i got it off engadget.

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!111111oneoneoneone

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Encased in brushed metal, the new Mac mini features a square shape with rounded edges and is somewhat similar in appearance to an Apple AC power adapter. It features a slot-loading CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo drive, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, DVI and VGA connectivity.

The Mac mini comes in two models -- a 1.25GHz, 40GB G4 system for $499 and an 80GB 1.42GHz G4 system for $599.

it's... beautiful. engineering perfection. better have ethernet, otherwise would be suXX0r.

(via macworld)

mwsf delay

the internets need to get faster. i'm not talking about the 9-hour webcast delay, i'm talking about the fucking lag on all the rumour sites covering the keynote via live blogging. mac daily news and the mac mind are not even loading at all, i'm watching appletalk which is performing fairly well, but it's still taking a couple of mins to reload a text-only page. suxxor. also watching macworld.

it's one hour into the keynote, and my reflections:

apple - seriously - ditch U2 and john mayer. i mean, really. one time i can excuse, but using them twice?

imovie - hd compatibility and non-destructive effects = awesome

tiger will be cool, but the single-sentence updates don't really give enough detail. in a couple of days i'll have a better idea.

garageband - meh. need more info.

that's it, up to date at 2:22am perth time, 11:22 san fran time.

i'm predicting an 80gb ipod photo. which no-one else is predicting. let it be known that that is my prediction.

Sunday, January 9

never hard enough

Presenting Concrete TV, the work of Concrete Ron, perhaps the greatest video editor of all time ... Equal measure of glee, fantasy, despair, and discomfort.

imagine you're watching tv, and there's only awesome stuff on, over hundreds of channels, and you're flicking though the channels really quickly. that's what concrete tv is like. explosions, car crashes, 80s music vids, b-grade movies, vintage porn, old ads, all cut up into snippets of about a second. i could watch this for hours on end.

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i find sleep and sleeping patterns fascinating, and i've just found this really great article that explains a hell of a lot.

my mind wears knuckledusters.

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i want to get this printed on a tshirt. have to clean it up a bit first, this is just a photo of a pencil sketch, with some filters and adjusting, and the circles of the knuckledusters put in.

Saturday, January 8

i want!

i would shoot so much video, if there were no tapes involved, and the camera could fit in my pocket. this thing is tiny. but it's got 10x optical zoom, takes memory stick pro, mmc or sd cards, and takes 1.3mpx still images. oh, and plays mp3s, but so does everything with a battery now.

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awesome night

sometimes, the best nights are the ones that you don't plan to do anything on. in order:


mc donalds
campbell's house to watch a short film whose name escapes me, and vodka
driving back into the city, get flashed by some girl
see a murder scene outside the monkey bar
start driving the wrong way up barrack st
the moon for cough-syrup sunrise and milkshake
pick up a drunk guy and give him a lift home
chicanes at top speed

if i want to hire a chauffer, i'm going to ask james

weird stats

i use reinvigorate, which is the best site traffic analyzer ever, and it's free, and in the past 11 hours i've had 35 hits (which is very high), and only 4 unique hits. someone is checking my blog very frequently. but my referrers are only showing links from google searches for "lists and diagrams" and links from yahoo mail, which means it's matt, bored at work, and can't remember the address for my site. what's going on?

Thursday, January 6

vice magazine

vice is the best magazine around. it's written the way i talk after faaar too much to drink, whingeing and complaining about all kinds of shit in the most obnoxious way possible. the latest issue is about design. an excerpt:

Everything looks like shit. Toaster ovens are available in Mac colors, ghetto blasters look like Super Soakers, furniture is just wood veneer over compressed cardboard, and even lost-cat posters have fallen victim to the ubiquitous home computer that lets every fucking retard with AIDS for a brain use Quark to show us how talentless he is.

there's some other reference to a boat made of AIDS and bite-marks somewhere in there as well. fucking gold.

if you want to see videos of some guy stick a cockaroach onto his arm with a sewing needle, go here.

holy fuck

tsunami before and after shots

link one
link two
link three

Tuesday, January 4

contact sheet

contact sheet compressed
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i made this picture last night and today, i'm going to get it printed. i want to get it done poster-size so that each of the panels is about 4x3 (postcard size), so i may have to do it over again because i think the resolution's too low at the moment. you won't be able to see the full-size image because i'm using a free flickr account which reduces large images.


a couple of creativity-related pieces have caught my eye recently. the first was a movie i saw linked to on boingboing about procrastination, and it describes perfectly the way i feel almost every day of my life.

the second is a little story by danny gregory who writes a blog called everyday matters, which i haven't read in ages, but still get the email update for. i love his ink drawings. anyway, this is a story about regimen and getting into the habit of work.

Monday, January 3

briony's pirate party

here are the best photos i took on the night. they're not in any order. i had to reduce them to 640x480 because i'm using a free flickr account which has an upload limit, but if you want larger copies of any of the photos, just email me and i'll get copies to you at 1600x1200, either by email or on cd if you want.

nigella: hot or not?

matt thinks this is the hottest photo of nigella on the gallery:

but i think this one is hotter.

the first one looks too set-up, too construed. she looks more natural and younger in the second photo. plus, the "english muffin" shirt? hot!

top 5

you know, i think about a lot of stuff, and something i've been thinking about lately is, what are my top five albums ever? because albums will die soon. well, they'll never die, but they'll cease being popular. like records haven't died, because dj's and audiophiles still use them, but they're pretty much dead. that's the way albums are going to go. so here's a chronicle of my top 5 albums ever. in order.

1. underworld - beaucoup fish

there was a guy in high school named peter something, i forget his last name. anyway he was house captain of walton. i did photography with him, and we could put whatever music on we liked. pete always had good taste in music. one day i was walking along the balcony next to the lockers, and he was showing michael wilde this album that he got, with a blue cover and a white circle. saying how great it was. about a year later, i was in a record store in bad bergzabern, germany, and i saw the same album. i bought it, and it's been the best album i've ever owned. i'm listening to it right now, the song cups in particular. since then, i've got 100 days off, second toughest in the infants, 1992-2002, and the dark & long, born slippy, dirty epic and two months off singles.

2. dj shadow - the private press

i saw dj shadow at science fiction 2002. i was completely blown away. the next day, i went and bought his most recent album at the time, the private press. absolutely fucking amazing. since then, i've got his endtroducing in melbourne, pre-emtive strike at 78's, and i just recently bought LIVE! in tune and on time. still looking for some UNKLE stuff, but got some live sets which are great. if underworld or dj shadow ever play in australia (again), i'm going. doesn't matter what city, i'm there.

3. rage against the machine - battle of LA

i think i picked this up on a whim. but it's been on heavy rotation for several years now.

4. underworld - 100 days off

originally got this copied off zak i believe, but then i bought it. its an amazing soundscape album, one for the headphones. especially two months off, which i just listen to over and over and over...

5. moby - play

absolute stand-out album for its time. i remember trying to buy run on as a single, and it was never out as a single, so i eventually bought the whole album, and i'm so glad i did. got it in germany, the first time i went there, i think i was in munich. i distinctly remember listening to it with my beosound 2's, the first b&o headphones i had. very clean sound.

automatic love-poem

i found a love poem generator.
it's hot!

This night I shall dream of your great avocado plump frangipanni.
Once again, this night as all nights, I long to sip from your cello-pink lips.
In my dreams we fly on the exquisite birding tit skirt of love, skimming vast continents of meat hats and calfs.
The seas shall never separate our oils.
Its waters wave like small nipple angels greeting us from afar.
We shall feast on chocolate-coated brassiere and tender wine hearts of love.
Adorned in white silk, we pluck our grunts from our frangipannis.
I shall hold your cello against my nipple-muffin so that our oils melt into one.

hey ladies!

Saturday, January 1

matt kissing

matt kissing
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a request was made that i remove the pictures of matt kissin' ladies on his 21st. i entirely respect that. but i can't just take them down, that would be boring. so here's an amalgomation of the three images. like pixelated clips on the news, you can't really see much, but you can tell what's going on. i hope this is a fair compromise.