Monday, January 3

top 5

you know, i think about a lot of stuff, and something i've been thinking about lately is, what are my top five albums ever? because albums will die soon. well, they'll never die, but they'll cease being popular. like records haven't died, because dj's and audiophiles still use them, but they're pretty much dead. that's the way albums are going to go. so here's a chronicle of my top 5 albums ever. in order.

1. underworld - beaucoup fish

there was a guy in high school named peter something, i forget his last name. anyway he was house captain of walton. i did photography with him, and we could put whatever music on we liked. pete always had good taste in music. one day i was walking along the balcony next to the lockers, and he was showing michael wilde this album that he got, with a blue cover and a white circle. saying how great it was. about a year later, i was in a record store in bad bergzabern, germany, and i saw the same album. i bought it, and it's been the best album i've ever owned. i'm listening to it right now, the song cups in particular. since then, i've got 100 days off, second toughest in the infants, 1992-2002, and the dark & long, born slippy, dirty epic and two months off singles.

2. dj shadow - the private press

i saw dj shadow at science fiction 2002. i was completely blown away. the next day, i went and bought his most recent album at the time, the private press. absolutely fucking amazing. since then, i've got his endtroducing in melbourne, pre-emtive strike at 78's, and i just recently bought LIVE! in tune and on time. still looking for some UNKLE stuff, but got some live sets which are great. if underworld or dj shadow ever play in australia (again), i'm going. doesn't matter what city, i'm there.

3. rage against the machine - battle of LA

i think i picked this up on a whim. but it's been on heavy rotation for several years now.

4. underworld - 100 days off

originally got this copied off zak i believe, but then i bought it. its an amazing soundscape album, one for the headphones. especially two months off, which i just listen to over and over and over...

5. moby - play

absolute stand-out album for its time. i remember trying to buy run on as a single, and it was never out as a single, so i eventually bought the whole album, and i'm so glad i did. got it in germany, the first time i went there, i think i was in munich. i distinctly remember listening to it with my beosound 2's, the first b&o headphones i had. very clean sound.


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