Thursday, December 30

new muzak

picked up some new tracks today, two dvds and a cd. the dvds were dj shadow - in tune and on time, which is standout-awesome, and underworld - everything everything, which is also standout-awesome. the underworld dvd has some interesting features like you can choose to watch either live concert footage, or tomato video-art, "program your own concert" which might just be a track order thing, haven't tried, and a "keyboard-driven vision mixer" but i can't find that. windows-only perhaps.

the cd was ian brown - under the influence, a cd of stuff that's influenced him. i've been getting into his stuff recently, i really like it, and the music he likes is pretty cool too.

on the download side, hank handy has mixed 40+ beatles tracks into one song. it's impressive. james suggested valerie by steve winwood, which has the original sample from "call on me" by eric prydz. it's also an awesome song. sia - breathe me (four tet remix) is cool, as is the original. i've been lovin the nightmares on wax too. ipod has about 13gb left, may have to upgrade soon. toshiba's making 80gb 1.8" hdd's now, and while this time they didn't say "and apple's buying them!," they did say they were selling them. we all know what that means.


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