Tuesday, December 21

lotsa new muzak

i accquired a lot of new music today, some bought and some borrowed. i went to urban groove records in leederville, and got "like water for chocolate" by common, who i've been trying to get some stuff from for ages. i previously only had "the light" and "6th sense", which are both stand-out fantastic songs, and both on this album. i highly recommend it.

another album i bought was quannum spectrum by the artists on the quannum label like latyrx, blackalicious, quannum mc's, lyrics born and dj shadow. i already had a few songs but there were quite a few artists i've never heard of. so i'll listen to that and give it a review in a few days.

i have my ipod back now, i had to delete all the music on it earlier to make room for the monstrosity that is the film i'm making for matt's 21st. i managed to trim a lot of the footage down, and back up some to dvd, so i just squeezed it onto my hard drive today. at one stage as i was editing, i got down to 150mb free space. thank god i still had room on my ipod, because i couldn't burn anything to cd or dvd, as you need as much free space on your boot disk as there is space on the media in order to write to it.

anyway, alaina gave me a whole load of music as well, and it is:

the beta band - the three ep's
the rebirth of cool 4
moloko - do you like my tight sweater?
miles davis - birth of the cool
charles mingus - mingus at the bohemia
and a compilation cd.

so much for having any free space.


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