Monday, December 20

list of things

things i am sick of:

carols. i hate carols. mum has a cd of elvis christmas songs, i hate it. especially the carols they play over the radio at work.

people asking me, "how's your christmas shopping going?". that is NOT an interesting conversation topic. plus, i'm not doing any, not in terms of physical shops or anything.

"christmas specials" for anything on TV. usually american, cliched and crap.

shops telling me what a great idea an ipod would be for a last-minute gift. if you're buying someone an ipod, it's not on a fucking whim.

articles going on about how great the ipod is. hello, everyone knows that. it's like writing an article on how great sliced bread is. there's no new material. unless it has a cool photo.

the usual end of year crap, taking time to reflect on things, i mean, how many of you can even remember what your last new year's resolution was? i think mine was not to change. at that point in my life, i thought "this is the best it's going to get".

things i am not sick of:

people asking me what i want for christmas. i will never be sick of that. i've got a list!

christmas food. although, yesterday i was sick of christmas food, only temporarily.

getting people presents. i love getting people presents!

people talking about festivus. it's coming up soon!


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