Monday, December 27

brush with death

so, how was your christmas? mine was pretty exciting. i got hit by a car. i'm not kidding! i was leaving my house on my bike at about 8pm, and there was a van parked outside my driveway, blocking my view to the road, so i didn't see a car coming, and rode straight out in front of it. i had my ipod on so i didn't hear him either. i almost tried to brake, but it was too late to stop so i kept going across the road, and the car's roo bar hit my back axle. the driver braked and skidded so he slowed down a bit, but i still got thrown a few meters. it all seemed to be going very slowly, i was relieved that i hadn't been hit straight on even before i hit the ground. yeah, mid air, i figured i was ok. i got up straight away and apologized to the guy for causing the accident, i think he was more shaken up than i was. anyway, my knee was a bit sore, but it's fine now.

in a way, i'm very lucky that i didn't die, but in another way, i'm unlucky that i got hit at all. i don't believe in luck or fate so it doesn't really matter much either way.

haven't looked at my bike properly yet, but my dink peg was quite bent so i figure the axle must have some damage. i think the wheel's ok too. and my ipod's fine.


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