Wednesday, January 12

mwsf delay

the internets need to get faster. i'm not talking about the 9-hour webcast delay, i'm talking about the fucking lag on all the rumour sites covering the keynote via live blogging. mac daily news and the mac mind are not even loading at all, i'm watching appletalk which is performing fairly well, but it's still taking a couple of mins to reload a text-only page. suxxor. also watching macworld.

it's one hour into the keynote, and my reflections:

apple - seriously - ditch U2 and john mayer. i mean, really. one time i can excuse, but using them twice?

imovie - hd compatibility and non-destructive effects = awesome

tiger will be cool, but the single-sentence updates don't really give enough detail. in a couple of days i'll have a better idea.

garageband - meh. need more info.

that's it, up to date at 2:22am perth time, 11:22 san fran time.

i'm predicting an 80gb ipod photo. which no-one else is predicting. let it be known that that is my prediction.


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