Monday, February 28

ipod photo camera connector

there was a press conference in japan recently, and apple officially announced what they mentioned earlier: a usb camera connector for the ipod photo so you can upload your pictures to your ipod directly, and view them straight away, unlike the previous 3rd-party photo uploading devices. this is pretty cool, but what it might mean, and is much bigger news, is that the ipod photo has usb on-the-go capability. usb otg is a protocol whereby a portable device can be a usb host, like a computer can, so other usb devices (like cameras, printers, storage devices, etc etc) can connect to it. what is interesting about this is, if hackers can unlock the usb otg capability of the ipod photo, it opens it up for a shitload of cool applications. many of these are legit, like storing documents or photos on your ipod and distributing them to other people's usb memory sticks or other ipods; or perhaps printing them to a usb printer; or maybe using a usb keyboard to type notes into your ipod, along with other non-legit uses, like swapping songs directly between two ipods. we shall have to wait and see...

chichu art museum

there's an art gallery in japan designed by tadao ando, one of my top 5 favourite architects, that's almost entirely underground so as not to alter the natural look of the island it's built on (or in, rather). it holds five of monet's waterlillies, which are some of the most amazing paintings i have ever had the pleasure of seeing, when they came to perth. but i'd like to go to see the building as much as i would to see the art. it's not easy to get to from tokyo, or cheap: plane in 80 mins for $200, shinkansen (bullet train) in 4.5 hours for about $210, bus overnight in 9.5 hours for $120, or a 19-hour ferry trip in the lowest class and then a 1.5 hour bus trip for about $120. those are all one-way, and unless you're on the plane or shinkansen, you'd need accomodation as well. i'm torn. but just going on the shinkansen or ferry or even bus would be a cool journey.

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new switchers

ok all you proud new mac owners, you're on your way to becoming fanatics. don't say "it'll never happen to me", because it will, it's simply a matter of time. and once you've lost your mind like the rest of us have, you'll wish you did this. apple is taking calls for stories from people who've switched from pc's to macs. realise and fulfil your dream, before you have it and it's too late. they don't want the crazy nutters on their website, they want the people teetering between the stupidity of owning a pc and the irrationality of mac fanaticism.


a guy called tomi is making apple-themed lego action figures and selling them in limited editions. he just released a steve jobs figure presenting a keynote, in a run of 300 and they sold in 36 minutes. the previous figure was one of the ipod-commercial figures, complete with green background. this shit is so awesome. i want to paint my own and make stop-go animations of them.

voodoo knife block

i have no self-indulgent preamble to go along with this post, i just think this is fucking cool:

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product design

there's something about appliances and other purchasable products, i don't know what it is, but i'm always interested by them. perhaps it's because there's probably 10,000 different toasters you could buy, and the difference between 95% of them would be two slots or four, or white or chrome. when something new comes out, i don't care whether it's good or bad design in terms of functionality, i just love new ideas for designs that seem to have been exhausted and have reached their logical conclusion. i think it's because i've become a bit jaded by the mastabatorial side to architecture, that i appreciate aesthetics over design just to be rebellious, or because i'm sick of hearing about reasons for choices that should not be rational, but rather intuitive.

it is with this preamble in mind that i blog a new toaster by sternform, the website is laid out so i can't link directly to the toaster, but on the scroll-bar, go all the way to the right and find this icon:

Friday, February 25

best phone headset ever

it's even better than a bluetooth pokia.

i'm going to add building one to my long lists of "projects to do". ripping apart a bluetooth headset couldn't be that hard. you could wear the rest of the tranceiver like a fat-ass crack ring on the middle finger, and have wires running to the thumb and pinkie. or you could have it strapped to the back of your hand, that would probably be less intrusive.

rich people are bored

i think when you have a certain amount of money, when your cash reserves reach some kind of tipping point or critical mass, a combination of boredom and the effects of being totally removed from normal everyday life, just fuck with your mind, and you start thinking crazy shit like "i want to balloon around the world" or "let's get the most expensive tennis players in the world to play in the least appropriate place". i love it though, it's cool.

super mario post-it building window art

3800 post-its arranged in the best way i can think of.

ipods w00t

i don't even want to talk about it.

Wednesday, February 23

wifi! hooray! (again)

i've found a nice place in sydney for internet access, it's not actually wifi, it's ethernet but that's no problemo. $2/hour and there's a gloria jeans downstairs. if any of the proud new powerbook owners are over this way, it's at the corner of castlereagh and liverpool, in the cbd. good internet cafes are hard to find because they're so heavily advertised on the net and most of them are a total ripoff. i saw one place that tried to charge $13 per half hour. i pity the fools who shell out that kind of cash.

white trash

i saw this guy in the city yesterday, and had to snap a pic. i would like to think he was going to a costume party or something, but unfortunately i don't think he was. the photo's not that great, you can see his shitty "i'm not from califonia but i wish i wuz" tshirt, nightie on underneath, and even though you couldn't see how low his shorts actually were, he was doing the retarded walk with his legs splayed so they wouldn't fall completely off, but even if they did, i don't know how he could be any more embarassing to himself than he already was. what the photo doesn't show is his crap tattoos, big-ass earings (the kind that stretch the hole, presumably so someone can fuck it, that's the only reason i can think you'd do that), chequered vans with no socks, trucker hat angled just so, chain hanging from his wallet to the superfluous belt loop so if someone tries to steal the $10 he's got in there, he'll be dragged two blocks along the pavement, and more jewellery than liberace. haha, he made my day.


i saw these monks in the mall, another fumble-for-the-camera-gotta-get-this-shot but didn't quite make it, the one on the right was taking a photo of the other one with a digital camera with the mall in the backdrop. i presume they were buddhist, there's a strange irony there. unfortunately i was too slow for a good shot.

sound of silence

this guy has taken the gaps and pauses in songs and made a remix/mashup of them, totally silent. just postmodern enough.

mdma for soldiers

boy, they must be having a hell of a time finding recruits. at least it shows america is getting more drug-friendly.


japan is so cool. this is a poster saying that you shouldn't cross the yellow line, because you might become "shinkansen food", portrayed in lego by a few schoolgirls in sailor uniforms and a drunk japanese businessman. i'll do anything a lego-poster tells me to.

katamari doh-macy

i think i will have to buy a ps2 just for this game. anyway, someone has made a play-doh model of the Prince and his rubbish-ball picking up stuff.

no expanation. just props. (via boingboing)

10% of europeans are conceived in an ikea bed
the ikea catalogue is also the second most widely distributed publication ever, only out-distributed by the bible. regardless of what you think of their furniture design, you have to marvel at their sheer greatness.

whew! longest post ever! i'm going to go look at the museum of contemporary art.

Sunday, February 20

double cocker power

double cocker power
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i've been down at my uncle's property on the hawkesbury the past couple of days (no internet, no mobile reception, aagh!). he's got some classic records down there, and this one. i didn't listen to it, i was worried about what it might do to me.

Thursday, February 17


i'm staying with my uncle rod in sydney, he's got a big house in longueville, pretty close to the water. it's got a great view.

uncle rod

rod and flash down on the edge of the harbour near his house

view from balcony

the view from his balcony

australian beauty

i had a wander around sydney cbd today, it's a shithole but the surrounding suburbs are very nice. sydney girls are pretty hot, not quite as hot as melbourne girls. but perth's got the most fatties, and the biggest, that's a pretty good drawing card. come to sunny perth for the lovely weather, if it's too hot, you can stand behind some huge bitch!

Wednesday, February 16

i am a penis

such a tard, went an missed my flight to sydney. getting on the next one an hour later, $50 down the drain. note to self: do not think you can get from fitzroy to the airport in 30 mins. i hate people that miss flights. catching a plane is not hard, you just get up early if you need to and you leave yourself ENOUGH TIME. i now hate myself. bah, i'm over it.

Tuesday, February 15

3-photo post


another photo from the eureka tower. taking this was so scary! i get vertigo.


graffiti near the place i'm staying, not sure whether this is a question or a statement.

apple windows

the apple background in the windows is photoshopped, the barcode is not. pretty cool. i wish the apple industrial design team made buildings, they would so rock. imagine a 30-storey g5 tower. awesome!

underground tokyo guidebook

2006, it's on, baby.

Monday, February 14

ice pirate ship

for ice pirates, i guess.

Saturday, February 12

the biggest ipod ever

ipod shuffle ad
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view from eureka tower

eureka merged 1
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last day of the conference today, we went on tours. i went up the eureka tower, soon to be the tallest building in melbourne and the tallest residential building in australia, at 88 storeys, or 300 meters. i went up to the 51st floor which was pretty damn high, and took this series of photos which i joined together. the apartment i took it from was 2 bedrooms, looked pretty shit and cost 2.2 million. nice view, but everything else about the building was crap.

Friday, February 11

wifi! hooray!

i've finally found some free wifi, there's a place on elizabeth st called "food inc." that gives free, unlimited wifi. you don't, theoretically, have to buy anything, but that'd be rude. so i have a chance to upload a few photos without increasing my mobile bill by an order of magnatude.

first, the conference has been going really well. when i decided to go, i really only wanted to see shigeru ban speak, and was prepared to pay the $175 or so just to see him. when he cancelled because of illness, i was pretty disappointed, and thought the rest of it would be really boring, after all, it's a conference on sustainability in building. usually either very dry figures and graphs and talk about standards and products, or crazy environmentalists saying we have to make love to the earth and have babies with trees or whatever. i've been entirely surprised by the speeches, presentations and debates. at the opening, which was open to the public, there were four speakers and a chair, and they took questions from the audience. i arrived late so i don't know whether they gave a presentation first or just introduced themselves and started fielding questions. but that was really interesting, and at the end, the chair, an american guy, sang a song he wrote himself called "gdp is rising" about how gross national product may be going up but gross national happiness is going down. very funny.


the guy second from the left is the former mayor of bogota in columbia, and it's really amazing to hear someone talk about urban planning in a country that is so desperately poor and has a million and one problems that plenty of people think are more pressing than planting trees. what he spoke about, that night and the next day at the conference, was dealing with the country's problems by changing the way the population thought about the country, and thought about themselves. the stuff he was doing was changing the perception of bogota from a lost cause to something that was worth fighting for, he spoke a lot about increasing the pride of the citizens. basic things like, when building a new drainage canal through a poor area, spending an extra 2% and putting a 7m-wide footpath next to it. in a neighbourhood so poor that they don't have paving or sealed roads, this was invaluable, and you could see by the before and after photos. in as little as 3 or 4 years, this pavement (or boulevard) visibly improved the quality of life of the citizens. he even forcibly accquired land that a national soccer team used for training, which was previously fenced off, and converted it into a public park. the applause he got at the end was phenomenal.

there were some other really cool urban planning ideas that were suggested, a guy working in new york proposed planting trees in the middle of intersections in areas where the roads are underused (not manhattan, obviously) to convert them and the nearby streets from unusable dead zones to public spaces for meeting and recreating. a guy from copenhagen, where they have one of the world's best car policies (or rather anti-car policies) spoke about the return of the flaneur, the person who walks not to get anywhere, but just to see and be seen.

today was not as interesting. it was more concerned with the technology of green building and a lot of it seemed like advertising or useless diatribe. one south african woman gave a very good speech which was verging on the "have babies with trees" thing, but in a much more practical and intelligent manner.

i've taken a few photos and uploaded them so check out my flickr photostream.

going to meet my cousin for dinner, better be off

vice party

the vice party last night was pretty crazy. i arrived late so i missed the book launch, but i ran into aga and her sister and friends, which was very surprising as i didn't know she was going to be there and i thought she was actually still in perth.

the first band i saw play were totally weird, like beats that my old casio keyboard could make, crazy distorted guitar and synth that sounded like a cross between an organ and a harpsichord but coming from down a well, and you're listening to it on acid. the vocalist had the range of about half an octave and looked like he'd been hitting the special K pretty hard.

the second band were pretty good, the guitarist looked like art garfunkle but 20 years younger, and the singer looked like the guy in acdc, the lead singer. he was about 10 times more energetic though, kept pacing around the 2x3m stage. in the background, i noticed they were using a 12" powerbook, for the beats i imagine.

i scored a poster with the band "bloc party" on one side (the headline act for the night, i missed them), and "vice guide to picking up chicks" on the other. i also got the 3rd vice cd, and a couple of really good photos.

i'm moblogging from the conference, and it's starting again so better go...


Tuesday, February 8

melbourne's the best

i'm currently sitting at a cafe on brunswick, and two other people are also using powerbooks at this cafe. i saw a guy featured in vice magazine earlier, the guy who built knuckledusters into his umbrella. he was carrying the umbrella, and i think he was wearing the same clothes he did in the photoshoot for vice.

earlier i saw a sign in the window of a clothing store that said DO YOU ALWAYS DISAPPEAR FROM THE BAR WHEN ITS YOUR TURN TO SHOUT? Fashion addicts your not alone, visit... etc.

i wasn't very happy about this sign, until i noticed that someone had corrected it to read "IT'S YOUR TURN" and "you're not alone".

then i saw another store with a fuckload of awesome nike dunks, which i am certain i will spend all my money at tomorrow when it's open.

damn, it's a monday night, and everyone's out and about. it's fantastic. and my long macchiato is excellent!

just for you, CW

just for you, CW

the title of this flyer is "some things were never meant to fly". look at the picture in the bottom left, it's a plane. tonnes of steel, hurtling through the air, powered by explosive chemicals? ridiculous!

avalanches: flight tonight

just killin' time, rockin the departure lounge, and moblogging via my phone (bluetooth -> gprs). werd. i'll be at melbourne airport in a few hours, they have wifi there so i'll post pics of the flight. w00t.

history of portable audio

the canadian broadcast corp has a cool article on the history of portable audio, from the first portable wirelesses to the present day. an interesting factoid: one of the first companies developing the pocket radio, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, decided to change its name to something more western, and chose a mixture between the latin word for sound, sonos, and the american expression "sonny boy" meaning young, and came up with Sony.

Saturday, February 5

new kleptones album!

from the creators of "a night at the hip-hopera" comes "from detroit to j.a.". i haven't listened to it yet (still downloading), but i'm certain it's excellent!

omg wanna cyber?

you have to read this. laugh-out-loud funny. irc is the best.

Bloodninja: Wanna cyber?
MommyMelissa: Sure, you into vegetables?
Bloodninja: What like gardening an shit?
MommyMelissa: Yeah, something like that.
Bloodninja: Nuthin turns me on more, check this out
Bloodninja: You bend over to harvest your radishes.
MommyMelissa: is that it?
Bloodninja: You water your tomato patch.
Bloodninja: Are you ready for my fresh produce?
MommyMelissa: I was thinking of like, sexual acts INVOLVING vegetables... Can you make it a little more sexy for me?
Bloodninja: I touch you on your lettuce, you massage my spinach... Sexily.
Bloodninja: I ride your buttocks, like they were amber waves of grains.
MommyMelissa: Grain doesn't really turn me on... I was thinking more along the lines of carrots and zucchinis.
Bloodninja: my zucchinis carresses your carrots.
Bloodninja: Damn baby your right, this shit is HOT.


whatever i said about PA jumping the shark (which i didn't think they actually were, it's just introducing new characters is often a prelude to a series getting really crap), i take it ALL back. their latest strip is GOLD. i love tycho and his vocabulary so much.

objects shot

Soap bar
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here's a gallery of objects being shot with a .22 and a high-speed camera at the same time. this is a bar of soap. pretty cool.

pantone mugs

i love design that is totally non-invasive, doesn't force you to do anything a certain way, essentially objects that suggest a better way of doing things, in a voice you can ignore if you want. these mugs by british designer onkar singh kular are colour-coded to match all the possible shades of tea you could want. there's 126 of them, so the idea is you pick the shade that has the perfect amount of milk, and if someone else is making tea for you, they know exactly how much milk you like. i like mine black, so it doesn't help me much, but then again i don't have that problem of people putting an inappropriate amount of milk in. i'd like to see them come out for coffee.

Thursday, February 3

spot the difference

broken toe
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the one on the left is broken. no parkour for me for a while.

Tuesday, February 1

pa is dying

i've been really impressed with pa lately, the drawing has been getting really interesting and the jokes are top-notch. but they say that when a series, particularly a tv show but others can apply, starts dying, the producers add extra characters to keep it interesting. quote:

As might have just become apparent, we're thinking about trying something different for this year's E3 strips. And also, it's kind of hard to like earnest young Ann, who herself seems to like The Merch. But that's not outside the statistical tolerance of her demographic.

is going to e3 with them.

hope it doesn't jump the shark.