Monday, February 28

chichu art museum

there's an art gallery in japan designed by tadao ando, one of my top 5 favourite architects, that's almost entirely underground so as not to alter the natural look of the island it's built on (or in, rather). it holds five of monet's waterlillies, which are some of the most amazing paintings i have ever had the pleasure of seeing, when they came to perth. but i'd like to go to see the building as much as i would to see the art. it's not easy to get to from tokyo, or cheap: plane in 80 mins for $200, shinkansen (bullet train) in 4.5 hours for about $210, bus overnight in 9.5 hours for $120, or a 19-hour ferry trip in the lowest class and then a 1.5 hour bus trip for about $120. those are all one-way, and unless you're on the plane or shinkansen, you'd need accomodation as well. i'm torn. but just going on the shinkansen or ferry or even bus would be a cool journey.

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Anonymous Matt said...

That gallery (the one we were discussing the other day) is the same one that i was thinking of...and yes, it's very cool.

1:28 pm  

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