Monday, February 28

product design

there's something about appliances and other purchasable products, i don't know what it is, but i'm always interested by them. perhaps it's because there's probably 10,000 different toasters you could buy, and the difference between 95% of them would be two slots or four, or white or chrome. when something new comes out, i don't care whether it's good or bad design in terms of functionality, i just love new ideas for designs that seem to have been exhausted and have reached their logical conclusion. i think it's because i've become a bit jaded by the mastabatorial side to architecture, that i appreciate aesthetics over design just to be rebellious, or because i'm sick of hearing about reasons for choices that should not be rational, but rather intuitive.

it is with this preamble in mind that i blog a new toaster by sternform, the website is laid out so i can't link directly to the toaster, but on the scroll-bar, go all the way to the right and find this icon:


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