Wednesday, February 23

wifi! hooray! (again)

i've found a nice place in sydney for internet access, it's not actually wifi, it's ethernet but that's no problemo. $2/hour and there's a gloria jeans downstairs. if any of the proud new powerbook owners are over this way, it's at the corner of castlereagh and liverpool, in the cbd. good internet cafes are hard to find because they're so heavily advertised on the net and most of them are a total ripoff. i saw one place that tried to charge $13 per half hour. i pity the fools who shell out that kind of cash.

white trash

i saw this guy in the city yesterday, and had to snap a pic. i would like to think he was going to a costume party or something, but unfortunately i don't think he was. the photo's not that great, you can see his shitty "i'm not from califonia but i wish i wuz" tshirt, nightie on underneath, and even though you couldn't see how low his shorts actually were, he was doing the retarded walk with his legs splayed so they wouldn't fall completely off, but even if they did, i don't know how he could be any more embarassing to himself than he already was. what the photo doesn't show is his crap tattoos, big-ass earings (the kind that stretch the hole, presumably so someone can fuck it, that's the only reason i can think you'd do that), chequered vans with no socks, trucker hat angled just so, chain hanging from his wallet to the superfluous belt loop so if someone tries to steal the $10 he's got in there, he'll be dragged two blocks along the pavement, and more jewellery than liberace. haha, he made my day.


i saw these monks in the mall, another fumble-for-the-camera-gotta-get-this-shot but didn't quite make it, the one on the right was taking a photo of the other one with a digital camera with the mall in the backdrop. i presume they were buddhist, there's a strange irony there. unfortunately i was too slow for a good shot.

sound of silence

this guy has taken the gaps and pauses in songs and made a remix/mashup of them, totally silent. just postmodern enough.

mdma for soldiers

boy, they must be having a hell of a time finding recruits. at least it shows america is getting more drug-friendly.


japan is so cool. this is a poster saying that you shouldn't cross the yellow line, because you might become "shinkansen food", portrayed in lego by a few schoolgirls in sailor uniforms and a drunk japanese businessman. i'll do anything a lego-poster tells me to.

katamari doh-macy

i think i will have to buy a ps2 just for this game. anyway, someone has made a play-doh model of the Prince and his rubbish-ball picking up stuff.

no expanation. just props. (via boingboing)

10% of europeans are conceived in an ikea bed
the ikea catalogue is also the second most widely distributed publication ever, only out-distributed by the bible. regardless of what you think of their furniture design, you have to marvel at their sheer greatness.

whew! longest post ever! i'm going to go look at the museum of contemporary art.


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