Friday, February 11

vice party

the vice party last night was pretty crazy. i arrived late so i missed the book launch, but i ran into aga and her sister and friends, which was very surprising as i didn't know she was going to be there and i thought she was actually still in perth.

the first band i saw play were totally weird, like beats that my old casio keyboard could make, crazy distorted guitar and synth that sounded like a cross between an organ and a harpsichord but coming from down a well, and you're listening to it on acid. the vocalist had the range of about half an octave and looked like he'd been hitting the special K pretty hard.

the second band were pretty good, the guitarist looked like art garfunkle but 20 years younger, and the singer looked like the guy in acdc, the lead singer. he was about 10 times more energetic though, kept pacing around the 2x3m stage. in the background, i noticed they were using a 12" powerbook, for the beats i imagine.

i scored a poster with the band "bloc party" on one side (the headline act for the night, i missed them), and "vice guide to picking up chicks" on the other. i also got the 3rd vice cd, and a couple of really good photos.

i'm moblogging from the conference, and it's starting again so better go...



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