Tuesday, February 8

melbourne's the best

i'm currently sitting at a cafe on brunswick, and two other people are also using powerbooks at this cafe. i saw a guy featured in vice magazine earlier, the guy who built knuckledusters into his umbrella. he was carrying the umbrella, and i think he was wearing the same clothes he did in the photoshoot for vice.

earlier i saw a sign in the window of a clothing store that said DO YOU ALWAYS DISAPPEAR FROM THE BAR WHEN ITS YOUR TURN TO SHOUT? Fashion addicts your not alone, visit... etc.

i wasn't very happy about this sign, until i noticed that someone had corrected it to read "IT'S YOUR TURN" and "you're not alone".

then i saw another store with a fuckload of awesome nike dunks, which i am certain i will spend all my money at tomorrow when it's open.

damn, it's a monday night, and everyone's out and about. it's fantastic. and my long macchiato is excellent!


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