Monday, February 28

ipod photo camera connector

there was a press conference in japan recently, and apple officially announced what they mentioned earlier: a usb camera connector for the ipod photo so you can upload your pictures to your ipod directly, and view them straight away, unlike the previous 3rd-party photo uploading devices. this is pretty cool, but what it might mean, and is much bigger news, is that the ipod photo has usb on-the-go capability. usb otg is a protocol whereby a portable device can be a usb host, like a computer can, so other usb devices (like cameras, printers, storage devices, etc etc) can connect to it. what is interesting about this is, if hackers can unlock the usb otg capability of the ipod photo, it opens it up for a shitload of cool applications. many of these are legit, like storing documents or photos on your ipod and distributing them to other people's usb memory sticks or other ipods; or perhaps printing them to a usb printer; or maybe using a usb keyboard to type notes into your ipod, along with other non-legit uses, like swapping songs directly between two ipods. we shall have to wait and see...


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