Sunday, March 13

ipod battery hooray!

my ipod battery's gone to shit recently, i haven't been getting more than six hours playtime. but that's ok, it's still under warranty. so i decided i should test it myself properly before sending it in, because i don't want to have to go two weeks without an ipod for nothing. i've formatted it, installed the latest firmware (it was running the latest before i formatted it) and copied all my music. i thought i'd have to fully charge, drain and charge the battery so it could calibrate, then i'd test it and see how long it plays for. well, i charged it, then left it playing at 3am last night to drain the battery, and now it's 12.30, and not dead. two pixels of battery strength. i'm pretty excited, i don't know why i'm now getting 9.5+ hours, but i don't care either. my ipod is the best!


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