Saturday, March 12

screw toby

as excited as we all were that a cute rabbit was going to be eaten, it's a hoax.

i got thinking about it last night, when i saw one of the guys at my work had a "save toby" badge on. i knew about the site but hadn't previously thought about the legality of it. after some consideration i decided that it is a hoax, or the guy is being prosecuted at the moment. it's extortion and could be argued that it's also inhumane to toby. confirms this. oh well. i thought it was a kickass idea, i was already looking forward to toby being eaten. but the guy is still very clever in my opinion, i bet he's made a packet from the donations, merchandise and advertising on his website. the dotcom boom/bust rears it's ugly head again: getting people to pay money for something that essentially doesn't exist.


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