Monday, March 7

and it was like... and i was like...

ellen feiss did a couple of switch commercials, one for macs in general and one for the powerbook g4. i'm not quite sure whether i like her or not. she seems pretty whacked.

on the mac switch commercial, right before it cuts to the image of the apple logo and "", she looks like she's either going to yak or fall over. i think in the filming, she probably did, so they cut to the title and just had audio after that.


Anonymous Matt said...

Did Mac really choose to use this bitch for thier advertising campaign? And if so, why the hell is she so popular now?
She definately looks stoned....please explain??

11:52 am  
Blogger Thomas said...

Had a cold, taking cough medicine, or so she claims.

2:39 am  

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