Thursday, March 3

flickr comments

when someone leaves a comment on my blog, it gets emailed to me. but when someone leaves a comment on one of my flickr photos, i don't hear about it. today i went through and sorted my photos by "most viewed", "most favourited" and "most commented". i emailed a few people about their comments, even though some of them were months old. i just find it interesting how people become connected.


The Soup Nazi says:

Ah! That's such a great plate :P Adding it to teh fav's.

emma polaroid

990000 says:

hot hot hot


briok says:

Wow, how disconcerting! Another Briony having a significant birthday party in January. I too am Briony but have the unfortunate disadvantage of having just turned 30!I came across these by accident when I was having a look at my friends' photos of my birthday party. Happy Birthday!


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