Thursday, March 10


a few cool sites have flashed up on my radar recently. here's a roundup:

a new multi-author blog called drawn, about illustration, art, cartooning and drawing, with some really good links, resources and inspiration.

design is kinky, pretty much what's going on in design right now. i think it's australian-based, or at least their hosting is.

subtraction, a blog by a photographer in new york called khoi vinh, he writes some interesting stuff but what i really like about his site is the layout. i could describe it, but you could just look. very well set out. when i get a proper blog, i'll consider something like this. it's moveable-type generated.

buck: the meaning of maximalist. that gothic font that everyone's using now, pencil illustration, flash animation of pre-osx navbar buttons, arcade-style sound effects, it's totally in your face. i think the website has something to do with film. refresh it to see new background images and animations.

need some copyright-free photos? look to wikipedia's public domain image resources department. there's heaps of stuff here, all free to use.


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