Thursday, March 10

back when people had attention spans...

here's a vintage rice krispies advertisement from 1929, in which two kids are sitting at a breakfast table, and one ("bobby") complains that the cereal is too mushy. he whistles for snap, crackle and pop, and they come and beat up the mushy gang representing the competing cereal. they then dish out the krispy kereal to the kids. it's fun to look at the animation and plot and laugh a bit, but what really surprised me was how long it was. this thing went for 1:20. can you imagine some kid sitting at home (actually, i think it was a movie commercial, but regardless) in front of the tv and concentrating on a cereal ad for almost a minute and a half? hell, i got bored half way through.

it's funny how our attention spans have been shortened. i've recently been getting into a mashup dj who goes by "osymyso", i really like the way he beatmixes and mashes at the same time, creating totally new beats from very recognizable non-beat parts of songs. but i also like the speed, there's a new beat every 5-10 seconds. download "intro - inspection" or "intro - expansion" from your favourite p2p network, and you'll see what i mean. "osymyso's puckish mix" is a bit slower, beats can go for as long as a minute or so. but with plenty of samples.


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