Saturday, March 12


there are two flickr albums, one called whatsinyourbag and a similar one called whatsinmybag. i'd expect to see all kinds of different things, and while the bag contents all differ, there are more similarities than differences. if there's a computer pictured, it's usually a powerbook or ibook. everyone has an ipod. moleskines are very popular, some people carry 2, 3, 4 or 5 (i carry two). everyone has a pen, usually some mints, the girls' bags will almost always have some makeup accessory. at first i thought there weren't many cameras, but most people would be using them to take the photo. they're fun albums to flick through. the bag above contains a 15" powerbook, 20gb ipod, a moleskine notebook and dayplanner, sidekick, nintendo ds, retractable ethernet cable and some other stuff. pretty geeky. here's my typical bag:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fuck is a moleskine ?

4:16 pm  
Blogger listsanddiagrams said...

hey, here's a fun idea. you know the internet, right? well there's this cool way of finding stuff out, it's called google. i assume that since you can find my website, you could also find google. it's at if you type a word into the boxy-thing, and press search, then it'll magically find other websites about that topic. so next time you have an inanely simple question, try googling first.

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