Wednesday, December 1

one man live!

this guy is the coolest on earth. from his website:

"McRorie-One Man Live!" is the name of McRorie Tait's amazing live musical performance. Using electronic synths and innovative technology McRorie sings and plays a variety of musical styles and originals in real time: no sequencing, no tapes nothing prerecorded - TotallyLive! Mc Rorie wears eight custom designed sensors on his shoes, four sensors on his chest, two midi keyboards on his hips, and sings lead vocals, harmonies and solo instruments with his voice. McRories co-ordinates the multiple parts of a musical composition: Drums, Bass, Rhythm, Vocals and Lead Instruments - Totally LIVE!

i would kill to see one of his shows. check out the video on the website.

(via boingboing)


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