Wednesday, December 1

time lapse movie mkII

i made some more time-lapse movies tonight, one at soto in highgate, and one at the globe in mt lawley. they both turned out very well. i like soto more. as soon as i upgrade my .mac account and have some room on my idisk, i'll post the movies, but until then i've just got a couple of stills.

for both movies i held the shutter open, 2.5 seconds at soto and 2 seconds at the globe. i didn't use external power for the camera or powerbook, but i swapped the camera battery after the first movie. soto i took 400 images, globe 200, every 10 seconds. it looks good being played back at 6fps. for the soto movie, i started about 7.30 so i got the sky darkening from dusk to night, which looks cool. by the time i did the globe movie, it was quite late so there wasn't many people about. i want to do one at the globe during the day, around lunch. might do that tomorrow.

outside soto, you can see the queens on the right. i talked to the barista about what i was doing, he noticed my tripod and asked "what are you putting on your manfrotto?". he then asked me if i had ever used adobe premier, i said no. then he offered me a job or training or something, anyway i gave him my email and he's going to get back to me. can't remember where he said he worked.

the globe. the guy in the foreground was talking to me about whether he should get a 17" powerbook or a dual g5. he was in the film industry. i said if he wanted to edit dv in realtime, he'd need a g5. "but the powerbook is hot. the 17 inch is hot, the 15 inch is hot. they're hot." he obviously liked the powerbook.


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