Friday, November 26

the yok game

i've thought of a game. anyone who lives in perth, melbourne, sydney (and some other cities) can play. there's an artist called yok who does some awesome paint, sticker and poster art that i see around mt lawley, northbridge and the city. he's got a website that has a whole load of images of his work. the game is, when you see something that's on the website when you're out and about, take a photo with some proof that you took that photo, so either take it as a self-portrait with the piece in the background, or write your name on your hand and hold that in front, or something. if you don't have a camera or access to one, write down the exact location and attach it to the photo from the website. only pieces from the website score points, if it's by yok and not on the website, no goal. you could email him with the photo you took and ask him to put it up, and that would count. this includes everything, he's made some tshirts and skate decks and other miscellany, as well as being in magazines and exhibitions. if there's a photo on the website, and you take a photo of the same thing, you get a point. no double points for stuff in other cities or other things, one point per piece. different people can photograph the same thing and both get points. for this reason, when you post your pictures online, only show the artwork and not any of the background (otherwise it might reveal the location, and everyone would go and photograph it). if you're writing descriptions, post only the original image from the website, and not the location. everyone has to get a flickr account or host the images somewhere, and let me know where to find them, and i'll post it on this blog so everyone can look at your photos. photos have to be displayed, they can't be kept secret, and posted within a week of being taken. post the original image (not edited, if you want to edit, post the original along with it) so it has a timestamp. if you want to take film images, either scan the prints or post originals from yok's website. and just promise to post them straight away.

a finish date will be decided on, and four winners will be decided. most pieces of art recognized and recorded, best individual photo taken, best photos overall (location-description writers can't enter these categories), and most unique recognitions (ie pieces that no-one else found).

so try to make your photos interesting, any way you can. either the angle, or a filter, or something in the photo, or the way you represent yourself there.

sound like fun? maybe the finishing date will be the last day of summer. i know it has a lot of rules, but overall it's a very simple game. i'll have a weekly update with a tally and maybe a couple of graphs or something. you can join the game any time up to the finishing date. if you see something that isn't on the website, take a photo of it anyway, because the website is constantly being updated and it may appear.

email me and let me know if you're in!


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