Thursday, November 25

night on the town

went out to the scotsman last night, we were meeting a couple of friends who have just got back from a long stay in melbourne, but they had to leave shortly afterwards. then i met up with people from architecture, we went to "bar open" in northbridge, i've never been there before. i've seen the entrance but i thought it was a storeroom or back entrance to a building. it's a really nice little place, with a bar staff that know what they are doing and the music's not so loud that you can't talk to people. i don't think it's very popular, because it's so obscure, but maybe that was because we were there on a wednesday night and northbridge was pretty quiet.

my flickr account has reached it's upload limit, so these photos are on my .mac account. i look really happy in a lot of these, probably because i was very drunk. i'm nursing a nasty hangover today.

briony, matt, kathy and fred at the scotsman, not hearing what each other are saying

tineal and me. we were having shots called "pickled brains", advocaat with white sambuca layered on top. very nice. you drink the advocaat through a straw from the bottom first, knock the sambuca back, then put your fingers over the shot with a gap for the straw and inhale the vapours. gets you fucked quick.

this weirdo...

gave ben a flower. i couldn't understand what he was saying. the weirdo, not ben.

drunk people.

tom, passed out, covered in shoes (wtf?)

shikar leaving bar open.

there's a lot more photos, if you click on any of them you'll see my .mac photo album.


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