Thursday, November 18

once again, phil torrone is the coolest

he beat me to it, and made it better: a how-to for putting powerpoint presentations on your ipod photo so you can go into one without lugging a laptop. that is sooo cool.

When we started this article, we were chatting with a pal over Instant Messenger, and he said it best “that would be awesome, you roll into a business meeting all pimped out…pull out your little teeny iPod Photo and plug into in the projector and then rock out with a beautiful powerpoint presentation complete with templates from You would rule the boardroom.”

precisely. although i've never rocked out, per se, at a powerpoint presentation.

also, apple has adopted (partially) the bauhaus approach to capital letters that i use. it's now the "iPod photo", not the "iPod Photo". if it were me, i would call it the podPho. doesn't really roll off the tongue.


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