Thursday, November 18

it goes to 11!

richard branson is the coolest. i bet this was his idea.

from the website it's not that obvious, but the dial on these speakers actually goes to 11. the rest of the speaker design is pretty cool as well, the sattelite speakers screw into the other tubey-bit so you can tote 'em around like a mailing tube. they're anodized aluminium, very sexy, and have a subwoofer.

i am so adding an "11" to the podplus.

do you all remember the video clip to "black or white", where mccaulay culkin wheels out those enormous speakers and an amp that has "loud", "louder" and "are you NUTS?" on it? didn't think so. he cranks it all the way to "are you NUTS?" and guitar-solo-propels his dad to africa.

mccaulay culkin was almost as cool then as richard branson is now.

(via engadget)


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