Friday, November 12

podplus project 2

went and bought some supplies this morning. i got:
a really long screwdriver to get to the screws in my stereo
a set of screwdriver bits that had some torx bits in it (you need a t-15 for the screws in the compact macs)
another set of screwdriver bits that had a handle in it
a speaker-wire connection set
a couple of rca ports
a couple of stereo mini plugs
two 6-point double-pole double-throw toggle switches to control the speakers, mainly because they look cool. i'm not sure that they're the right ones for what i need, but they cost $1.50 or something so i don't mind. was going to get the launch-style switch with the red cover on it for something, but i couldn't think of a good enough reason as i want to use the plus' power switch and they were $10.

deconstructed both the mac and the stereo.

i noticed that my mac plus has the developers' or engineers' signatures on the inside back of the case.

i took off the cd and tape player components, and the rest barely fits in the plus' case. a couple of the boards are going to have to be mounted diagonally. i'm going to have to get some ribbon wire to extend the cable of the board with the volume and eq on it so i can mount that where the screen was.

i'm starting to realise that i only thought about the easy part of this project, and that is putting the speakers in and attaching the dock, and not the hard part which is going to be mounting all the parts of the stereo securely on the inside, and cutting a battery compartment. it's going to take some time and experimentation. and gaffer tape. i might end up buying a dremel tool as well, i only ever hear good things about them, and having one would be great for cutting the plus.

this is what i'm guessing it will end up looking like, with the controls where the monitor was, the speakers on the sides and the ipod on top.


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