Thursday, November 11

skins for your devices

i am sooooo getting one of these for my ipod... can't decide between the picnic-rug plaid and the church-window stained glass. i bet jesus could turn a crappy 128mb flash mp3 player into a 60gb photo ipod. fuck, he could probably make it a video ipod. would he pirate music? who knows? he'd be able to make a killer compilation and rock a party till dawn, i imagine. being the son of god and all.

but the question still remains... could he microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?

ok, ok.... i'll stop now...

i think i might email them and see if they'll make one to match my herringbone tweed foofpod (i got mine when they were still operating out of dublin, they're in sydney now and use slightly different fabrics, mine looks more like their current "reddingbone"). and then get a suit to match them both, and a hat, and be the coolest person ever. except jesus, with his 3-d screen video ipod. THOU SHALT CARRY 10,000 SONGS IN THINE POCKET.


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