Thursday, November 11

stuff that is cool

infrared remote for airport express - can control itunes and "other applications". not sure how. probably dvd player or quicktime or something.

via gizmodo

podlock software from micromat - create a hidden partition on your ipod, use apple's filevault encryption system. instant ultra-secure portable document storage. or keep your porn there so no-one will see your filthy, filthy dark side. mac only.

via engadget

HARDCORE field sound-recorder. 24-bit, 96kHz hdd digital audio recorder. bluetooth touchscreen for remote control. waterproof. analog dials. video synchronization. mix 6-channel audio and output to an external cdr/dvd+r, it has built-in drivers. absolute coolest sound recording device ever.

via engadget

flickr app for osX that:
"not only uploads photos to your Flickr account, it notifies you anytime new photos from either your contacts, everyone, or your favorite tags are uploaded. 1001 allows you to step into the stream of photos passing through Flickr and to quickly see what's new at the moment. Just run the app in the background and if triggered, 1001 pops up a small unobtrusive window to notify you of new photos."

haven't used it yet, but sounds pretty good. link, via flickr blog


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