Sunday, November 7

computing assignment

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this is what's been keeping me away from blogging the past few days, i have an assignment to model a cafe and produce a few realistic renders. yeah i know the colour scheme is a bit vomitous but other than that i'm pretty pleased with it. this is just one of the renders, i'm doing them at 3200x6400 so they take a good 5-10 hours to render. i particularly like the rammed-earth texture on this one, but i'm going to have to photoshop it a bit more to make the colour a bit more realistic. and there's meant to be lights coming out from that ceiling cavity, dunno what happened to them. they looked awesome in the previous renders i've done. heading back into uni now to continue with the project...
link to full-sized image (interior perspective 1), warning! 2.9mb!


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