Wednesday, November 3


previously, the only podcast i listened to was engadget. then i started listening to the osxfaq podcast, but that's only been going one week or so and it's not really very good. i just hate the way the presenter says "dubleyew dubleyew dubleyew dat...". so i've been looking around for a decent music podcast, and along comes wefunkradio. these sets are awesome, some fantastic funk and hip-hop, i listened to a set by dj vadim and he spinned some wicked shit, and you can download the archives from their site. it's all at 64k, so it's really only as good as radio, but nonetheless. if you love it you can buy their mix cd's at a very reasonable price (US$16 for international shipping, or their older ones for US$14). check it out even if you don't have an ipod, but if you've got an ipod, you have to have a look.


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