Tuesday, November 2


according to ashcroft, piracy = terrorism. ok, not that blatently, but still...

from boingboing:
During his recent visit to Hollywood, Attorney General John Ashcroft unveiled federal plans for what he called the "strongest, most aggressive legal assault against intellectual property crime in our nation's history."

He also made a frightening association -- because intellectual property theft can be so lucrative, he said, it "risks becoming a potential source of financing for terrorists." He did not cite specific examples of a link between the two.

Technologists and copyright reform advocates like Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig say that's cause for concern.

what's a technologist? am i one?

but seriously, this is the kind of thing i worry about. one of the reasons i REALLY hope the bush administration gets kicked out soon. hopefully the redskins were right.

i hope that when ashcroft makes the connection between terrorists and copyright infringement, what he means is that the focus of copyright protection will shift from small-time filesharers who don't want to pay for the latest eminem album to actual pirates who have large-scale operations in warehouses and actually profit, as opposed to just don't spend as much money on cd's and movies. unfortunately, this is not the way i see this going.


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