Wednesday, October 27

new ipods

just as everyone predicted, there's two new ipods out, a 40GB and 60GB model. they look pretty much the same as the 4G ipods, but have a 65k colour screen. check the apple site for details. iTunes 4.7 is also out. and ipod SE, the black and red version that comes pre-loaded with U2 songs.

the photo-viewing capabilites of the new 'pods are great, but not groundbreaking. not worth an upgrade just yet, methinks. a possible killer app would be if you could make a slideshow with transitions and set backing music to it, and display that on a tv or projector. i imagine they'll do this. then it'd make it a full presentation device, not just a viewer.

slog (sleep web log) update: no rest yet.

in other news, the wired cd that's released under a creative commons licence has been posted as a torrent. i listened to some of it on the bus this morning, it's pretty good. stuff from beastie boys, chuck d and more.


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