Monday, October 25

just listening to phillip torrone's podcast, he talks about, a russian mp3 download site, he gives it a thumbs-up. i first heard about it ages ago through bOINGbOING, and there was a melbourne lawyer that claimed that even if this site was grossly flaunting copyright and was acting completely illegally, even in russia, the party downloading songs, if they believe that there is no infringement (and looking at the website, it looks legit), are not breaking any laws. so download away, ignorance is bliss. US$0.01/MB, works out to about 6c australian per song, an album for about $1. choose your encoding format (mp3|aac|flac|ogg) and bitrate, vbr as well, zero drm. awesome. they take paypal if you don't want to give your credit card to some russian website.


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