Tuesday, October 26

sleepog 2

went to bed shortly after the last sleepog, at about 6.30 am. got up at 12. it's tuesday, my plan is to work all night tonight, have my drawings finished by 10am tomorrow, send them to get copied, start my model, go home and get a nap till i have to go to work at 6. then i'll go back into uni, work till about 5, go home and sleep till about midday again. then i can stay awake till all my stuff is finished and handed in on friday arvo.

then i'm going to steve's to get sloppy-drunk, very cheaply!

i went to tired.com, go there and tell them why you're tired. if you're tired, that is. i don't know what it is, and i haven't got a response yet.

this blog post comes to you from tiamo, a cafe near architecture that has free wifi for half an hour when you buy something. it's only 256k, but the coffee is very good.

another good wifi hotspot is in cloister's arcade in the city, there's a big seating area and a couple of cafes/lunchspots. i think they've got a 384 or 512k connection.


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