Saturday, October 30


well, after a week of a "denial-of-service" attack from my faculty (ie no you can't use the internet, you have too much work to do), my folio is in and i was entirely displeased with it but it's finished now so i'm happy. steve's afterwards was fun, one of my lecturers was telling me how cheap smack is. and a crowd of people, incidentally.

i have some blogging to catch up on:

at the request of one of my readers, who shall remain anonymous as i don't want to go through any more legal problems, one of the photos from the set of "matt's launch party" has been censored. wow, i've only been blogging less than a month and i've already got my first "cease and desist" nastygram! it's even from a person who will someday have a law degree. who shall remain anonymous. not that he (or she) has a legal leg to stand on.


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