Sunday, October 31

OMG i love the internets

ok, i was just about to blog how i didn't get a response from so i googled for pages that have linked to to try and find out more about it, and the first link was to a page titled "l33t tshirt folding skillz", so i had to have a look. it's a video, with someone talking in japanese (i think), showing how to fold a tshirt with such amazing quickness and simplicity, it takes literally under a second. try to fold a tshirt the regular way in under a second, i will bet you a dollar that you wouldn't be able to do it with this much ease. i took my tshirt off straight away just to try it. here's a link to the site i found it on, but i know you probably won't bother downloading the video, even thought it's only 2MB. so here's an image sequence. i really want everyone to know about this, because i'm just a benevolent kind of guy.


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