Friday, November 12

podplus project

there have been a few design changes. one, i'm going to use my stereo instead of buying an amp. this is because i want something decent quality with rca-input. i don't really want to spend that amount of cash on something that i already have. this means no 2.1, sadly. but the amp in my stereo and my speakers handle bass pretty well so i'm not too concerned. the main worry i have is this will change the design of it. i originally wanted the sub to be in place of the monitor, with the midranges either side, because that would be nice and symmetrical. now, without a sub, i've got nothing to put in the hole of the monitor. i could mount the cd player in my stereo in there, but i don't actually want to have a cd player on this thing, 1. because i don't have a lot of room to play with, and 2. because it would defeat the design integrity of an ipod amplifier/speaker set. that's what this project is and that's all it's going to be. plus i can't remember the last time i played a cd apart from in the car. if i had a fm transmitter i'd probably never play them. except to rip them to itunes, of course.

the other advantage of using my stereo is it has a battery-powered option, which i don't think i've ever used, but would come in handy for this project. not sure how long they last, but it takes 10 d-cells. summer's coming, there'll be outdoor parties at the beach and parks and stuff, it'll be good to have a portable music device.

i've got a few questions for the audiophiles and speaker-geeks out there, what's going to happen when i put... hold on... oops, i just checked how big my speakers were. the big cones (is that the midrange or the woofer?) won't actually fit, they're bigger than the side of the Plus. i'll have to use the original speakers my stereo came with, which are not as good as the concordes, but they're not too bad.

so anyway, what's going to happen with 2 speakers in one confined space? with my limited understanding of audio and physics, i'd imagine that unless i have a lot of air-holes, the sound will be muffled. but what i don't know is if the speakers are facing away from each other with their backs in the same airspace, will i get any undesirable effects like resonance or something? i'd appreciate any advice, email me with any suggestions.


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