Thursday, November 18


it's all over the internets so i won't bother recapping. but this idea is old, what was that bruce willis movie where he makes a remote-controlled gun that fires depleted uranium bullets? and he gets jack black to hold up the pumpkin, and blows his whole arm off? was that jack black? i can't remember. it was some fat sweaty guy with long hair. that wasn't using the internets, i guess. and this isn't using depeted uranium, killing people, and doesn't involve willis or black.

apparently the local sherrif is trying to figure out ways to make this illegal. this always happens in the us. why should it be illegal? apart from the arguments to make all hunting illegal, there's not much of a case. sure, it could be hacked and used to kill people, but there's very basic safeguards you could put in place to stop that. like giving it a limited axis of rotation. or requiring the gun to be loaded manually, one bullet at a time. and if someone wants to kill people remotely, they could always build one of these things themselves, in which case laws against the device don't mean jack.

from the cnn site:
Internet hunting idea has wildlife officials up in arms

is that a pun?

(i think boingboing picked it up first)


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