Wednesday, November 24

recent music

i've been getting into some relaxed, very simple guitar-and-voice music recently, been loving it. it's the summer that's doing it to me, making me all mellow and stuff. here's what i've been enjoying:

have you forgotten - red house painters
a minor incident - badly drawn boy
gimme some - g love and special sauce
everybody hurts - rem
dirty jeans - magic dirt
cross bones style - cat power
truth doesn't make a noise - the white stripes
nightminds - missy higgins
save tonight - eagle eye cherri
the drugs don't work - ben harper
bohemian like you - the dandy warhols
unsent letter - machine gun fellatio

now there's a great compilation.

on the other hand, i've also been enjoying dj matt hite's fuck my bitch up, a mashup of prodigy's smack my bitch up with bad cabbage's you're rude (get fucked). you can download it here. it's just so catchy!


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