Saturday, November 20

podplus project 4

we have progress, people.

after - literally - ripping the guts out of my stereo, cutting some components off (cd, tape), extending a few ribbon cables (it's at this point i should say that i believe every electronic project i have ever attempted that didn't have step-by-step instructions, that i've adhered to, i have fucked up), i plugged in my ipod and speakers and IT WORKS.

so now i'm going to build a mock frame for the components out of cardboard, and a front-plate for the screen as well.

the huge speakers are the ones i realised i couldn't fit into the plus. the speakers i'm using are on top. the paul frank monkey is on the volume knob. the painting in the background was a year 12 art project, it's a 1980s BMW automatic transmission in a kinda surrealist style/landscape.

as you can see, i like a clean and organized workspace.


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