Thursday, November 25

photos in northbridge

went into the city today to kill time and pick up some ribbon cable for the podplus project, and while i was there i went back to bar open. there's absolutely nothing that would tell you it's a bar. there's a door with a sign above it that says that it's a private entrance to the strip club at the front. the bar probably used to be part of the strip club. anyway, on the wall there's some cool art by yok. i took some hi-res shots and have them on my desktop now. they're on my .mac account at full size, you can download them and put them on your desktop, too!

the entrance to the bar, just past all the graffiti

there are some really old buildings around, with what they used to use before barbed wire was invented: broken glass bottles stuck in mortar on the tops of walls. the building in the background is the art gallery.

i really like this shot. i was taking a photo from just above ground level, and out of the corner of my eye i saw a box blowing down the alley, and took the photo straight away to try and get it in, and it worked. often i find i have a good shot, but it's missing something, and it's a bit boring. this box blowing past was perfect.

i think this means "the beauty is on the street". not that i speak french. i like the guy on the poster. or rather, i like his stereo.


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