Wednesday, December 1

new vids

i found two new video clips on the internets today, the first is the trailer for the lord of the rings: return of the king extended edition dvd, which adds an extra 50 minutes of footage. it's on my christmas wishlist.

the other is the new snoop dogg film clip for "drop it like it's hot". pretty much a fuckload of bling, eg rolexes, rolls royces, hennessy, chandon, yachts and rocks. that's only a streaming video, i couldn't export it. it just came out like garbled coloured static. but i had no problem finding it on the gnutella network, so i don't know why they bothered to encrypt it, considering they're giving it out free. if you don't want to give a gangsta's website your email address (i didn't), use bugmenot.


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